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Upon moving to Marin County in Northern California, Square One Organic Vodka founder Allison Evanow found inspiration in the community’s embrace of the land, from protected public fields to abundant local organic farmers’ markets.  And she was thrilled by how the community created by the Saturday morning farmers’ market was also a friendly platform for raising greater environmental issues.  This led the spirits industry veteran to wonder, “Why not put the ethos of the farmer’s market into a glass?”  Indeed why not create a luxury spirit that leaves a light footprint on the earth yet makes a big splash [so to speak] among cocktail cognoscenti?


Vodkas are prized for their purity, so the idea of an organic vodka was both viable and exciting…Thus Allison set out to create the greenest clear spirit yet.  And she started at…square one, with the purest ingredients she could find:  pristine spring water from the Teton mountains and 100% organic American rye.  The ingredients are so pure that Square One obviates the need for multiple distillation, emerging through a single pass in the distiller with its unique flavor profile intact.

But Allison wasn’t content to focus only on what’s in the bottle – the packaging had to reflect Square One’s philosophy of eco-conscious sophistication.  That’s why the distinct square bottle is not frosted [a process that calls for some serious chemicals!] and the face label on the bottle is made with 100% post-consumer waste recycled fiber. The paper is FSC certified -- we want to ensure that all materials have been sourced responsibly and manufactured carbon neutral.  Once the bottle is empty, the label easily peels off so the bottle can enjoy a second life as a vase or other container.

Finally, while we at Square One embrace the square, we’re also happy to come full circle: Because the rye byproduct from our vodka-making process is organic and minimally processed, it is packed with protein and fiber, thus making it ideal for sale as feed to an organic dairy farm.   We did not intend to sell off our “waste” but are now thrilled to be a vital link in the cradle-to-cradle process of growing grain, feeding cattle, and creating the best martinis you’ve ever tried!


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