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"A Singular Spirit." At Square One, we believe that this term has so much more meaning beyond our organic vodka.  For us, Singular Spirits are those who are doing things unconventionally in work and life—and especially those who are passionate about what they do. 


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Reem & Ahmed Rahim

Artist and Alchemist

When brother and sister team, Ahmed and Reem Rahim, founded Numi Organic Tea in 1999, coffee was king and tea was still considered by many as the preferred sip of a past generation.  The teas readily available on store shelves offered little flavor variety and the overwhelming majority were made with poor quality, bitter tasting tea dust.  Ahmed and Reem knew that the large tea companies in the US were missing a broader expression of tea that was available in the world market.

With Numi Organic Tea, Ahmed and Reem brought to light their vision-to revive the serenity, creativity, and comfort that is inspired by the simple art of well blended, high quality, organic teas.  Ahmed, the alchemist, has a refined understanding of teas from his years as the owner and creator of teahouses while living in Prague.  Reem, whose art works have been exhibited in San Francisco, New York City, Melbourne, and Florence, is the artist whose hand-painted images, inspired by Ahmed’s photographs, grace Numi’s packaging.  Reem & Ahmed’s aim with the packaging design is to inspire a space of serenity and warmth. All of the poetry on the envelopes are written by Numi staff to create a quiet wondrous mind.


Reem explains, “At NUMI, one of our main inspirations is to change the face of how tea is perceived in the marketplace, both from the farmer all the way to the consumer. There are thousands of types of teas and herbs to choose from, and when selecting them, like fine wine or chocolate, it is important to remember what isn’t out there and what change can be made in each selection. Every choice we make at Numi is striving to keep the consumers delighted by our unique and innovative flavors as well as looking into the future of our environment to make sure we are creating a product that will help sustain us for hundreds of years to come.”


Numi Organic Tea has captured the imagination and palate of tea drinkers in over 28 countries, including Spain, Holland, Germany, Australia and Japan.  Numi offers exotic organic herbs such as Rooibos and Honeybush, full-leaf teas in teabags that unfurl as the tea is steeped in hot water and real ingredients, without the addition of oils or natural and/or artificial flavorings. As you savor the tea in your glass, you are enjoying the taste of the tea and the authentic herbs, fruits, flowers and spices in their blends.  In a cup of Berry Black tea, the taste of berries comes from real freeze dried raspberries and strawberries that are in the tea blend.  The delicate white rose scent in Numi’s White Rose tea is from the whole rose petals in the White Tea blend.

The extensive variety of Numi Organic Teas offers a dizzying array of flavor essences to add to cocktails.  At Square One, we give our cocktails the rich and complex flavors of chai, chamomile, ginger or orange spice by adding a few Numi Organic Tea bags to a bottle of Square One.  Numi has just introduced “Cooking with Tea”, a new cookbook of tea recipes including cocktails, soups, entrees and even deserts.


All Numi Organic Teas are certified organic and most are fair trade certified.  Ahmed and Reem’s commitment to environmental stewardship is tightly woven in the fabric of Numi Organic Tea, as well as a social philosophy to help others, whether establishing fair trade standards or taking a leadership role in helping other small companies in the eco-space work together for a mutual benefit. 


“Our goal is to ensure the planet is taken care of by using only organic ingredients as well as the development and growth within the communities that grow the teas and herbs.” Reem says, “Our fair trade contributions are supporting lives across the globe. We appreciate every customer, consumer and farmer that touch our products.”  Numi Fair Trade Funds distributions include children’s enrollment in high school and university programs, the building of a library and computer classroom, a retirement fund for the elderly, and a cattle loan fund called “Moo” which generates additional income and resources to the community.


And the work continues, with the support of a dedicated and talented staff at Numi Organic Tea offices in California.  Numi staff are the first to provide critical reviews of new tea blends and Ahmed is frequently found in the Numi lab, surrounded by the whole leaf teas, real fruits, flowers, herbs and spices that comprise Numi blends.  Reem guides the marketing team and continues to develop her art with future Numi flavor designs in mind.  Reem notes, “We believe that tea is liquid meditation reminding us to find our own thoughts and visions and take the tea transformation.”


There’s much more to learn about Numi Organic Teas




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