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A Different Kind Of Drinks Company

We know it may sound square, but we believe that a small company can indeed make a difference.  Square One is about more than just the product we craft; it’s also about the forward-thinking community we create – in the work place and beyond. That’s why our every decision stems from a philosophy of promoting environmental stewardship and progressive business practices. 

We created Square One because we felt that luxury consumers were ready for a greener choice.  And we were ready to do our part for the environment in the best way we know how:  by making a superior-quality, great tasting vodka whose message of elegant eco-consciousness would have a ripple effect throughout the community of sophisticated, concerned consumers.  It costs more to produce Square One than a non-organic vodka, but we’ve chosen to keep the price point competitive with the top shelf non-organic spirits, believing it is more important to make our product readily accessible than to make a quick profit. 

We believe that innovative ideas percolate in innovative work environments.  To that end, we are a female-owned company that strives to create a work-life balance, offering our employees flextime, job-sharing, virtual office options, and ample opportunities to make creative contributions.


It Can Be Easy Being Green

Beyond the office, we support and align ourselves with companies, individuals and events that promote conscious living. We have found similar business values in our distillery partner. Distilled Resources, Inc. receives 25% of its electrical power from wind generated power; a renewable energy resource that is generated locally on the eastern edge of the Snake River Plain. Although more expensive, DRinc. continues to move its energy needs towards an environmentally friendly business operation.

Because we believe the town square has gone virtual, we dedicate part of our website to a Singular Spirits page where we spotlight people who are commendably engaged in helping their communities.  Once we get more established down the road, we will donate a portion of our profits to environmental causes.  We currently co-market with other green businesses and associations.  And, because we believe good times and good deeds are a perfect cocktail, we have sponsored dynamic "green" events such as the LOHAS 10 Conference, the World Environment Day’s Eco-Fashion Catwalk, Global Green and the Environmental Media Awards.  At Square One, we're social and socially conscious.


Carbon Offsetting

Upon our one year anniversary, we decided it was time to add one more green program to our company. With heavy travel being the norm in our businesses, we wanted to offset our carbon emissions given off during air travel. We purchase carbon offset passes with Carbonfund.org and TerraPass.com for every 40,000 miles of air travel.




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