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When Square One founder Allison Evanow talks to bar chefs about Square One vodka, a singular grain vodka made from organic American rye using organic fermentation and distillation techniques, it's with a true understanding of her craft. As an ex-bartender at the Thunderbird Graduate Business School Pub in Glendale, Arizona, where she received her International MBA, she knows firsthand what it takes to please an ever-changing mix of first-time visitors and longtime regulars.

A native Virginian, Allison came to California in 1994 to finally be near her future husband after a long-distance relationship between Mexico and L.A. When she went to work for Jose Cuervo International a year later, her love for mixology rekindled, but she found that vodka was far more versatile for cocktails than Tequila, which she prefers in a margarita or sipped neat. She particularly likes the spirits industry and vodka in particular for its sheer depth and breadth of creativity. 

"The creativity is at many levels," she says. "One: how you make the spirit itself; two: how you create a cocktail using your spirit of choice; and three: how you serve the cocktail —in cool glasses, with garnishes, etc.  I love wine, do a bit of wine collecting and even headed up Marketing for a winery in Napa Valley, but wine is too staid from a creative point of view.  For most brands you buy in any category, you get what you buy, but in the spirits world, you can buy a tremendously unique product but still infuse your own spirit and creativity in the final cocktail.  How fun is that?" 

Allison loves to cook and enjoys adding to a personal wine collection that ranges from Spanish favorites she came to love while living in Madrid in her 20s, to her favorite varietal, Pinot Noir.  Yet when she goes out to restaurants and cocktail lounges with friends, or entertains at home, she almost always starts with a cocktail, and often creates a whole menu around different cocktails.  After all, all work and no play is not a sustainable lifestyle!



Straight from the Heart

Allison may be the one at the helm of Square One Organic Spirits, but she's got plenty of fellow great spirits to work with.  Friends and family were the first to sign on to help contribute to the origins of Square One.  Debbie Jones, Allison's sister and co-founder and Square One's secondary investor behind Allison, acts as a strategic advisor on general business issues while holding down her own high-powered career in Virginia.  Although not actively involved in the business, Allison's husband Bill supported Allison's vision and her business partnership with her sister from the very first day.  Bill is undoubtedly Square One’s biggest advocate; sharing with friends and his business associates the taste experience Square One Organic Vodka and culinary-style cocktails have to offer.

Beyond family ties, there was a great team of supporters; advisors and minority investors from the original development team that helped make the dream come alive.  The PR expertise and network of friend and fellow wine, spirits and environmental maven Kimberly Charles; the insights and experience of friend and research consultant Ron Arden; the long-time working alliance and friendship with Diane Dreyer, an ad industry exec with experience in food and beverage marketing; all contributed to the original team that helped get the idea for an organic spirits company with a "green" bent to it, off the ground.  While each have their own careers to focus on - Debbie as a senior banking executive and the others as their own business owners or managing partners of a business, their contributions played a key role in turning Square One into reality.    Kimberly and her staff at Charles Communications Associates were the PR team that represented Square One in its inaugural stage, helping to launch the company and put the company on the map! 

Today, with the help of several sales and marketing associates and the talents of Brand Ambassador and Mixologist, H. Joseph Ehrmann, Square One continues on its path to helping bring the kitchen to the bar, all with a decidedly organic and green twist!

Why Organic?


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