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October 2010

Kristine Bottone for Examiner.com Los Angeles outlines her and fellow spirit reviewers experience with Square One Organic Vodka and Square One Cucumber.  We're so glad they found mixing with Square One Cucumber a breeze -- "By the end of the night, I found that we drank far more Square One Cucumber than the Square One regular vodka, putting all skepticism about versatility to rest."


Culinary Extravaganza -- CUESA, the nonprofit that runs the San Francisco Ferry Plaza, each year brings together San Francisco's elite of Chefs and Mixologists for an incredible array of food and drink made of fresh, farmer's market ingredients.  You can see by H's face in this SF Weekly story on the event that we had a great time serving at the event as well.


August 2010


Grazia, in Australia, spotlights Square One Cucumber and includes a cocktail recipe named after our Brand Ambassador, H. Joseph Ehrmann.  Aptly named "H", the cocktail features Square One Cucumber, elderflower liqueur, and lime juice, topped with soda.


May 2010


Square One Botanical is rated among the Top 5 Best Vodka / Neutral Grain Spirits in the World! Paul Pacult's highly respected Spirit Journal recently released it's Best Spirits for 2010 and says about Square One Botanical:  "Just try this . . .I know it will at least tweak your interest, if you appreciate finely distilled products.  There's nothing like it." 


We found online this tasty and wonderfully straight forward Lemon Drop cocktail demo by Cocktails on the Fly mixologist Alberta Straub.  This Lemon Drop has all the right stuff, including Square One Organic Vodka.


Congratulations to our friends at Gather restaurant in Berkeley for getting high marks from Andy Isaacson in the New York Times. And doubly glad to see he enjoyed Gather's Bee Sting cocktail featuring Square One Botanical.  Cheers!


April 2010

In honor of Earth Day, April Trigg presents eco-taining on The Morning Show in south Florida, SFL-TV Channel 39.  April offers tips on how to entertain beautifully, with the environment and your local community in mind.  Square One Cucumber is among her recommendations.  You can watch the video here.


VMAN reviews a selection of spirits that offer appetizing summer flavors.  Writer, Jason Rowan, places Square One Cucumber at the start of the line up:  "Exquisitely smooth and highly drinkable, like cucumber water - fire water, that is."


March 2010


West Region Winner: Square One Organic Vodka.  Square One secured the West Region division of March Madness Vodka Tournament at Examiner.com San Francisco.  Square One cinched the organic spirits category and moved on to win the overall vodka category with a Square One Basiltini served at Roy's Hawaiian Restaurant.  Check out details here.


NBC Miami recommends you try the Hot Crush featuring Square One Cucumber, created by famed mixologist Jacques Bezuidenhout at Area 31 in Miami.


February 2010


Nightclub & Bar selects H. Joseph Ehrmann as Bartender of the Year!  H. is Brand Ambassador for Square One and he has been an endless advocate for bringing eco-savvy cocktails and business practices, to the bar.  We're thrilled for H. to earn this award. Read more about H. in "Mixologists".


Organic Gurus suggests Square One Botanical as a seductive sip for your sweetie!  "... fruity and light floral aroma with a clean, unique & delicate herbal finish leaving you wanting more."


January 2010


The Lady Macbeth cocktail at the contemporary, Brit-ish Againn restaurant in Washington DC is among Details Magazine's selection of 12 best cocktails.  This winter elixir features Square One Botanical with drops of rosewater. 


Women's Health Magazine includes Square One Cucumber among its stylish and sustainable finds for hosting a green gathering. 


Check out this recipe for the Organic Cucumber Martini (featuring Square One Cucumber) served at the Four Seasons in Palm Beach, Florida. "...it's the kind of cocktail that you dream of sipping after a swim in the pool or a visit to the spa."   


Vodka infusions add complexity to cocktails and a chance for you to bring your own creativity to the cocktail.  H. Joseph Ehrmann, for liquor.com, tells you how to make vodka your way with vodka infusions and offers two of his popular tea infused cocktail recipes to help get you started.  Click here.


Square One Botanical tops the list of Best New Spirits of 2009 by Colleen Graham on About.com"It is a bright spirit with the most unique of tastes and not one of [the 8 botanicals] takes the lead, instead all are wonderfully blended ..." Full Review.


At The Plumed Horse, in Saratoga California, Mercury News writer, Jennifer Graue, discovered Square One Cucumber during a recent visit:  "I ordered what the menu called "The Best F'n Vodka Tonic".  Generally, superlatives on a menu are a bad idea, but with this vodka tonic, made with Square One cucumber vodka and Fentimans Tonic, was exceptional."  Full story here.


December 2009


Esquire Magazine's, David Wondrich, places Square One Organic Vodka among his three vodka favorites and he offers the wisdom of sipping vodka, like the Russians.


Cisco Community Central interviews Square One Organic Spirits CEO Allison Evanow regarding the business challenges of an artisan spirits company and her alliance strategies to help small brands compete in the national marketplace.


Pamela Irving, from Bar None Drinks, takes a very close and personal look at Square One Organic Spirits, why we chose organic, and the inspiration behind our spirit portfolio.


November 2009


Martha Stewart Magazine includes Square One Organic Vodka among the ingredients for a well-stocked home bar.


Chef Domenica Catelli presents a pumpkin spice martini featuring Square One Organic Vodka for KHOU-TV in Houston, Texas.  The holidays are truly here!


October 2009


Square One Botanical receives highest rating, from Paul Pacult in the Spirit Journal.   Mr. Pacult's review:

"Silvery clear and pure.  Smells alluringly of fresh flowers, spring garden, and cooking spices; additional air exposure brings out citrus rind and coriander in spades; hey, I like this concept a lot.  Entry is gently sweet and very floral (orange blossom); midpalate offers deeper tastes of rosemary, fresh herbs, rose petal, and thyme.  Finishes off clean, amazingly garden-like, off-dry, and fresh.  Good enough to start a whole new trend in flavored vodka."  (click here for the tear sheet)


Author and internationally recognized mixologist, Simon Difford, awards Square One Botanical a 4/5 in the September issue of Class Magazine.


Gary Regan, author of  "Joy of Mixology" and many other cocktail and spirits bestsellers, is "Cheek to Cheek" with Square One Botanical in a recent issue of the San Francisco Chronicle.


Savour Life's, Pamela Irving, reports on the trends and style found at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans and includes Square One Organic Spirits as part of the excitement at this premiere culinary and cocktail event.


August 2009


7 x 7 writer and blogger, Jordan Mackay says: "Square One Botanical is bold, original, wonderfully delicious and absolutely deserving of your attention." Check out his article here, as Jordan offers unique perspective on our newest spirit.


CUESA's Cocktail Night in San Francisco featured Square One Botanical and cocktails made with fresh seasonal produce from the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. SFist spotlights one of the evening's cocktail favorites, The Blackberry Shrub.


July 2009


For an in-depth interview with Allison Evanow, see this story by EcoShare.  The article impressively captures much of our story along with insights on the vision behind Square One Organic Spirits.


Paul Pacult captures for Wine Enthusiast Magazine the talent and ingenuity found among organic spirits.  This is the first story to include our newest spirit:  Square One Botanical.


May 2009


It's Cocktail Week in San Francisco and H. Joseph Ehrmann visits KRON-4 TV to give a little history on the cocktail while celebrating today's San Francisco cocktail culture.


NBC Bay Area, Around Town catches up with Allison at the Marin Farmer's market and says about Square One - "Comparing a vodka that you've had before to Square One Organic Vodka would be like comparing the over-ripened Roma you'd find in a chain supermarket to the plump, juicy vine tomato you'd find in a farmer's crate." Full Story here.


April 2009


Merritt Martin, from the Dallas Observer, offers a provocative tale of her discovery and passion for Mr. Cucumber Collins, made with Square One Cucumber at BarBelmont.  This is one to share with your favorite gal pals. Click here


Square One Brand Ambassador H. Joseph Ehrmann is a guest on KGO Radio's "Dining Around with Gene Burns" hosted by Grace Ann Walden.  H talks about San Francisco's cocktail culture along with some tips on where to go for your next favorite tipple.


Bambara in Boston offers a "Drink to the Planet" along with many other earth friendly business practices that are put into place year round.  Check it out from the Ethical Scumbag.


Cheeky Scene in Chicago has a heart for the earth and for organic cocktails.


Wine Enthusiast offers the refreshing versatility and surprisingly savory qualities of Square One Cucumber.


March 2009

Bon Appetit Magazine: Heather John reviews the indispensable role of vodka in our cocktail culture in her article titled Vodka Victorious.   "...there are subtleties that make one vodka -- premium vodka, that is -- preferable to another for certain cocktails. ...  Many of the newfangled American vodkas like ...Square One tend to have a slightly sweeter profile and lend themselves to cocktails make with fresh fruit and herbs."


Metro Canada reports on organic wine and beer and discovers Square One Organic Vodka.


February 2009

Colleen Graham, Cocktails Guide for about.com, offers a wide angle view on the founding and growth of Square One Organic Spirits.


December 2008

The (Santa Rosa) Press Democrat looks at the hang over remedy tradition of the Blood Mary and offers a some new recipes for 2009.


Jason Wilson of the Washington Post offers an opposing view on the popular Bloody Mary cocktail and tries a few Red Snapper recipes with Square One Cucumber. "But my favorite so far is a version using Square One organic cucumber vodka."  Thanks Jason!


The Whisky Life reports on the wide selection of new organic wines and spirits.


Men's Health Magazine recommends Square One Cucumber for your next Bloody Mary.


Coastal Living includes Square One Cucumber in its collection of imaginative and edible gift giving ideas.


November 2008


WABC-TV Channel 7  in New York reports on  Gusto Organics, an all organic restaurant that offers New Yorkers high quality and affordable, organic food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The owner, Alberto Gonalas, takes the environment into consideration in all aspects of his restaurant.  See the video here.


The Contra Costa Times reports on "The new generation of cocktails gets gourmet treatment" and spotlights the inspiration and creativity behind many new cocktails.  Luis Sivira, Mixologist at Metro Lafayette in Lafayette, California says that a current favorite at Metro is the "Organic Green", a refreshing concoction of organic cucumbers, mint, Square One Organic Vodka, sugar cane and lime juice.  YUM!


Desert Living Magazine - ". . . the cucumber's essence is extracted and concentrated to create a subtle tone that's far from overpowering, whether sipped alone or in a White Vespa (Square One Organic Cucumber, Vermouth, and Grappa).


October 2008


Yumsugar.com  has our winning mixologist, Brooke Arthur, mixing up her winning cocktail, Fall Fizz, at Nirvino's "Fox Force Five" cocktail competition.  (Click here, and be sure to scroll down to see the video.)


A Nirvino blogger offers an added savory touch to our August Sun cocktail recipe.


Giant Magazine includes Square One Organic Vodka among its line up of 5 eco-friendly wine and spirits.  "...an eco-consciousness that can be tasted in its sweet rye ..."


September 2008


National Geographic's Green Guide recommends American made Square One Organic Vodka as a green gift idea in a festive package.  Green Guide Fast Facts: "In 2007, 35,362,444 gallons of vodka were imported into the US." 


Peter Vestinos, head mixologist at Sepia, taps a Chicago-area Farmer's Market for late-summer watermelon and creates a tempting farmers market cocktail.  Find his story and the recipe here.


Yes, the author of this Bullfrog and Baum blog is a bit biased towards us (we work with him), but his blog captured so much of our own feelings about fresh produce available at this time of year, and our new cocktail titled "August Sun", that we couldn't help but share his blog with you.


August 2008


Square One Cucumber tops Chow.com's recommended 10 list.


Time Out Chicago says about Square One Cucumber: "... drinking any cocktail with this all-natural tipple will have you sitting as cool as a…you know."


Stuff@Night keeps the good people of Boston informed on, well, stuff -- including Square One Cucumber.


White Apricot places our new Square One Cucumber on the top of their list of "Top 10 Organic and Natural Spirits".


Marie Claire Magazine playfully suggests that you "Banish the Wine Cooler" and try a few cocktails and well chosen spirits to assure that the party can continue at your place.


Philly.com selects five products and services that showcase the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly choices.  Many long standing practices that were once taken for granted are being re-done, for personal health and for the health of the planet.

July 2008


New York Times' prominent food writer, Florence Fabricant, spots our newly launched Square One Cucumber – “superb right from the freezer, or on the rocks with a cucumber spear or slice as garnish.”   To see the full article, click here.


Livethelushlife.com reports on the success of the Indy Spirits Expo recently held at the Astor Center in New York.  Square One Mixologist, H. Joseph Ehrmann was on hand with a Square One cocktails and he presented a seminar featuring culinary-style cocktails.  Click here for the story and be sure to click the second photo to see more photos from the event and H's interactive cocktail class. 


ABC7 San Francisco's The View from the Bay presents "Organic drinks with a seasonal twist".  Square One Mixologist H. Joseph Ehrmann is the right person to show you how it's done. 


Food & Beverage Magazine ". . . I cannot say enough good things about it . . . The cucumber essence is that pure and clean . . ."


Sante Magzine ". . . flavors of fresh cucumber. Refreshing and light onthe palate with a clean finish . . . "


A snapshot of blogger buzz about the launch of Square One Cucumber:

epi-log - "I can also imagine martini lovers enjoying it with a 1/2 ounce of sweet vermouth."

cocktail times - ". . . cucumber has been hailed as a top mixology trend . . ."

organicspamagazine.com - "The vivid scent of cucumber took over me . . ."

martinigroove.com - "Honestly, you won't find a better flavor to make with your gimlets."

The Phoenix - "...this cucumber flavored version does exactly what a good vodka is supposed to do: blends seamlessly with other liquors and mixers and goes down smoothly on its own."


June 2008


The Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition awards Square One Organic Vodka a GOLD medal for both the quality of the spirit and for packaging design.


ABC News takes a close look at organic spirits and places the spotlight on Square One.


May 2008

Square One Organic Vodka is now available in Canada!  Check out this story that appeared in the Vancouver Sun.


April 2008

Good Morning San Diego, invites Jennifer Sbrante, "The Hostess with the Mostess" to present ideas for eco-friendly entertaining.


Forbes.com captures "19 Ways to Live Green for a Day".


January 2008

Time Magazine includes Square One in their report on artisan distilleries.  Also included is top NY mixologist Jim Meehan's high opinion on Square One:  "This is a really well-made vodka, pretty neutral in flavor, very clean and well distilled."


December 2007

Noah Rothbaum, for The Daily Green, highlights eco-friendly spirits and for Square One, "its also what's in the bottle that's gone green."


November 2007

MSNBC and Lisa Blau from Vital Juice Daily present eco-friendly holiday gift giving ideas, including Square One Organic Vodka. Click here to see the clip.

"10 great ideas for 'stuff free' holiday gifts" from Grist.org.

Ecorazzi.com: "Chris Noth's popularity an extra benefit for Rainforest Action Network."

October 2007

Amy Pennington, in Common Ground, captures the creative scope of artisan spirits in her story "The 100 Mile Cocktail".

Square One Organic Vodka Sponsors 2007 Environmental Media Association Awards. The EMA awards event celebrates the achievements of the environmental and entertainment communities.

Vital Juice Daily recommends that you hold your favorite drink to the same high standard as you do with what's on your plate. See their eco-friendly drink options here.

Beverage Media Magazine puts the spotlight on wine and spirit companies with "A Greener Vision".

September 2007

FOX Broadcasting's "Green with Emmy Party" at Spago took the green theme to a glamorous new level, from eco-friendly decor to an all-organic food and drink menu, including cocktails with Square One Organic Vodka. Check out the coverage UPN-TV.

In good company . . . The stunning back bar at the W Hotel is on the cover of Seattle Metropolitan's Best Bars issue. Select spirits stand shoulder to shoulder in row upon row; check us out in the first row!

Drink a Salad! The Liquid Muse presents savory cocktails at her "Sustainable Sips" organic cocktail class.

August 2007

Sprig.com - Wine and spirits consultant Michael Green shows you how to have a well-stocked organic bar and mixes a specialty cocktail, the "Cucatini", with Square One Organic Vodka.

CHOW.com chooses Square One Organic Vodka as brand of choice for their "Square Off" Cocktail Competition with finals to be held in San Francisco on September 25th, 2007 at the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer's Market. Click on the link above to enter starting August 2, 2007.

Sustainable LIfe: Ann Marie Distefano, from Pamlin Media Group, uncovers Square One Organic Vodka - "The spirit is distilled only once, and the result is more flavorful and complex than you'd expect from a vodka".

July 2007

InStyle Magazine recommends that you say "I Do" to green weddings. Check out their "aisle style" pages in the Summer 2007 wedding issue.

June 2007

Valley Lifestyles - Charyn Pfeuffer declares "Allison Evanow has taken the spirits world by storm since her 2006 launch of Square One Vodka ..."

Sprig.com -- Allison Evanow, High Spirited CEO. (Sprig.com said it . . . and we have to agree.)

May 2007

Trump Magazine - Square One makes the magazine's annual "Best Ever" list.

Elle Magazine - Ariel Lacayo rates Square One as "one of the best vodka's in the U.S."

Shattered Magazine profiles female business leaders and includes an indepth story on Square One and Allison Evanow.

I.D. Magazine (International Design) captures the creative genius of sustainable weddings.

Natural Home Magazine suggests that you "Host an Organic Cocktail Party " and try out tasty new cocktail recipes.

April 2007

To coincide with the world's largest design fair, Salone del Mobile in Milan, the British high design stalwart Wallpaper* magazine has just published EcoEdit, "an exhibition of the best eco innovations on the planet." Square One is among the 101 designs featured in the beautifully illustrated online exhibition. "We are impressed by the organic ingredients in Square One that are pure enough to render multiple distillations unnecessary... But what really pushes our eco-friendly buttons is the stylish bottle with a design which is equally concerned with sustainability." You'll find Square One under the food category.

7x7 Magazine profiles "entrepreneurs, authors, teachers and city officials who are on the cutting edge of living green."

World News Network - "Study finds that fruity cocktails count as health food. " (We always thought so!)

Junior Merino from the Cocktail Times creates an Earth Day Cocktail with Square One.

airTran Magazine - "Go!" takes a look behind the scenes at Square One Organic Vodka.

Popular weblog, Slashfood.com, discovers Square One.

"Thank God for Square One Vodka" - Intoxicated Zodiac

March 2007

MSN Health & Fitness - "Five Healthy Indulgence Trends"

Wolfgang Puck is going green. Nation's Restaurant News reports that the famed California Chef and owner of 14 fine dining establishments, 80 fast-casual Gourmet Express units and 43 catering venues is switching to meat and produce from organic, all-natural sources by the end of 2007.

Domino Magazine - Square One Organic Vodka is an "a-list vodka". "â?¦ drink this vodka on the rocks and you'll discern the pure taste. Distilled from organic rye and water, it doesn't have the chemical flavor of conventional vodkas."

"Environmentalism in Bloom" James Sklar, owner of Bloom Restaurant, has created an elegant and contemporary eco-friendly dining experience in Hastings, New York. Along with an entirely organic menu, the restaurant's furnishings are made exclusively from recycled or rapidly renewable materials such as fashion forward bar stools created from recycled seat belts. They're fantastic. Square one is on the cocktail menu and Bloom Restaurant shows that eco-friendly is truly eco-fun.

7 x 7 Magazine, San Francisco, uncovers the rich history of rye-based spirits and recommends Square One Organic Vodka - "Hints of anis and spice on the nose make this smooth, with an intricate texture. It's great in an ice-cold martini with a lemon twist."


Michael A. Strusser, Seattle Weekly, turns around the "Super Size Me" concept and commits for the first time to an exclusive organic diet for one month. "Luckily, I discovered an organic vodka called Square One. â?¦ Take pure spring water from the Snake River, add organic North Dakota rye, and distill using natural fermentation techniques. Plus, the bottle's groovy, and can be reused as a vase."

Lilly Stein from JoshSpear.com recommends Square One Organic Vodka as co-star for the next Bond movie. (you're making us blush!) On our technical merits, "Square One Organic Vodka has very crisp notes with a subtle finish, making it a great base for a complex drink as well as superb stand-alone standard." Click here for the full review.

The Liquid Muse interviews Allison Evanow, CEO/Founder of Square One Organic Vodka, and finds that Square One shines with Allison's personal approach to the business.

In this video, Treehugger.com shares the pre-party excitement as Kachina Myers pulls together the final details of her eco-fabulous cocktail party. Green from start to end, Square One Organic Vodka is part of the event.

Sustainable Industries Journal spotlights Square One Organic Vodka and interviews CEO/ Founder, Allison Evanow.


Ethicurean places Square One Organic Vodka and Russia's Imperia Vodka in a head to head tasting, with surprising results for the tasting panel. "The Square One is excellentâ?¦.It's a real premium vodka, not just something you drink because it's organic â?¦" Get the full story here.

Hear the Square One story on Air America Radio's EcoTalk radio show. Allison Evanow, CEO and Founder of Square One, and Kimberly Charles, Charles Communications, talk about eco-friendly Square One and how they became inspired to take their commitment to the environment to the world of spirits. "â?¦ get your naturally distilled rye vodka that tastes better than you knew vodka could taste." - Betsy Rosenberg, EcoTalk Host.

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