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Listed below is a complete list of recipes created by Square One Organic Vodka enthusiasts and guest Mixologists. Click on the links below for a downloadable print version of each recipe.

To print out the entire list of recipes on one document, click here.


Basil Gimlet


Bit O' Honey

Botanical Royale

Country Thyme

Farmer's Daughter

Flower Child

Golden Fiddle

Golden Gate

Goodnight Ginger

Green Machine

Honey I'm Frisky

Honey I'm Sexy

Honey I'm Spicy

Indian Nightcap

Lavender Honey Cream

Lemon Lavender Martini

Mango Island

Moonlight on the Peach

Moroccan Bazaar

Nutty Apple-tini

Organic Lady

Pear Noel



Rainforest Green-tea-ni


Rosemary Meyer Lemon Drop

Ruby Natsumi

Rugy Chai Appletini

Scents of Summer

Spa Collins


Square One CauseMo

Square One Sensation

Swedish Bouquet

The Arboretum

The Coriandrum

The EMAppletini

The Square Pear

Thyme Square

Watermelon Refresher

Winter Cocktails for Groups

Vodka Martini Bar




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